Residential Renovation


Home Renovation Projects

Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms subject to renovation. Some of these renovations involve changing the appliances, cabinetry, plumbing, gas, and lighting. All these elements can be applied depending on the goal of the renovation, whether it is to brighten the space and make it more inviting, update old appliances, or completely renovate the kitchen in order to have a new layout and design.

Clients may also want to renovate living rooms and family rooms, which are central to the home and activity within it. As the main hub of group activities, these rooms tend to reflect the general aesthetic of the rest of the house. They can create a new visual setting by changing the design of the walls with a custom-printed wall mural to tie the design of the room together, color-blocking with paint, or reapplying new wallpaper.

Even ceilings can be renovated when reimagining your space. NOR Contractors can install stretch ceilings or other kinds of traditional ceiling surfaces to fully complete the room. Personalize the private rooms in your home by installing custom-printed stretch ceilings or wall murals to tie together the overall design and furnishings. These can also be applied to rooms that you may want to repurpose – for example, turning a spare room into a home office, an outdated family room into an indoor theatre or an attic space into a game and entertainment room for the whole family to enjoy.


Expanding Your Home

NOR Contractors also offers the construction and renovation services necessary to transform an unused basement space into a basement apartment or living area. Basement apartments can be another source of income by renting it out, especially when the city continues to grow, and more and more residents are looking for places to live in the GTA and the cities beyond it. Renovating your basement apartment can also address problems you may not know you had due to a neglected basement, such as cracked foundations, leaking pipes, and so forth. We can provide the necessary renovations to ensure that your basement is liveable and comfortable according to the Ontario Building Code.

Our team at NOR Contractors can also provide other construction services to help you expand, especially when you want to make use of the front and back areas of your home. Convert these areas into patios, verandas and porches that create a warm environment fit for welcoming guests or holding small events in your very own backyard.

NOR Contractors is recognized for our high standards in delivering reliable, quality renovation and construction services. In choosing us, you choose to have flawless quality and fast results for your next residential renovation project.

  • Katarina Johnes
    Many thanks to all concerned for the excellent work they carried out.
    Katarina Johnes
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    I have worked with many builders, but none compare with the ability, experience, and integrity of NOR. For commercial or residential construction, you won't find a better contractor.
    Tony Johnson, Architect
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    NOR Contractors were able to transform my property into a home that I and my family will truly enjoy for a lifetime. This was an enjoyable experience I shared with a very unique builder.
    Dr. Amy Adas

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