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Commercial NOR Contractors Renovations

Commercial projects entail both large areas and smaller businesses. No matter the size, NOR Contractors has experience renovating and improving all kinds of spaces. We can bring large-scale designs of commercial buildings and condominium units to life by consulting with our client, as we would for all projects, and engage in active dialogue to figure out the best renovation or reconstruction approach. Our course of action is informed by years of experience, attention to detail and world-class standards. We take the possibilities that we have to overcome constraints that we may encounter when working with these projects.


Commercial Projects

Often, commercial buildings require renovations for either visual or functional purposes. Various apparatuses have to be installed, for example, by changing laws, areas might be better utilized for a different function, or new structures have to be installed completely. NOR Contractors ensures that any commercial building can handle the demands of daily business in a more improved and efficient way. Spaces can be renovated, redesigned and reconstructed to make a lasting impression for all visitors.

First impressions are vital in establishing any perceptions of your business, and appropriate lighting is necessary to create an open, welcoming space for everyone. NOR Contractors can improve your reception or small shop, making sure that it stands out to customers and guests, leaving a lasting impression for all visitors. The lighting, furniture and general layout of an area can greatly increase the perception of space, even though the actual space itself may be restricted by narrow hallways, low ceilings or a limited number of windows. As your business grows, you may also want to expand certain spaces. This is relevant for service industry businesses or businesses who want to expand certain meeting and working areas. Open workspaces are also growing in popularity, helping foster interaction between co-workers. For all these, certain standards should be met for the safety of both guests and workers. NOR Contractors can help you transform your space from drab and dreary to lively and vibrant.

Condominium Project

Whether you own the condominium building or the condominium unit, you may want to modernize and revitalize certain areas. Communal areas, such as the entry, front desk, and any other shared spaces like pools, spas and gyms all require not just liveability, but comfort and style. These convey the general design aesthetic for the rest of the building and may even entice others to visit or rent out their units. More private units, on the other hand, may require some renovations that improve the overall layout of their unit to suit individual lifestyles and help residents feel more comfortable in their own spaces. Condominium renovations vary from one project to the next. To that end, NOR Contractors can help you figure out how to best reimagine your living spaces according to your tastes while maintaining visual quality and functional practicality.

The team NOR Contractors have high standards that are recognised by our past and present clients. We have worked with multiple businesses across the globe, and we will be happy to consult with you to explore your different renovation options with NOR Contractors.

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