Commercial projects entail both large areas and smaller businesses. No matter the size, NOR Contractors has experience renovating and improving all kinds of spaces. We can bring large-scale designs of commercial buildings and condominium units to life by consulting with our client, as we would for all projects, and engage in active dialogue to figure out the best renovation or reconstruction approach.



There are multiple spaces and areas in your home that require maintenance and care, and sometimes, they also need to keep up to date with current living standards, practices and designs. Residential renovation projects can vary from home to home, and the team at NOR Contractors can help you figure out how to best approach your next home project.



Stretch ceilings and wall murals are innovative new ways to renovate, redesign and reimagine your space. They strengthen the material that they are already applied to and are resistant to a number of factors that can damage the surfaces that they cover. The function of stretch ceilings come hand-in-hand with its design capabilities. NOR Contractors provides stretch ceilings and custom large format wall murals that come in a wide range of forms and types.

  • Katarina Johnes
    Many thanks to all concerned for the excellent work they carried out.
    Katarina Johnes
  • Tony Johnson, Architect
    I have worked with many builders, but none compare with the ability, experience, and integrity of NOR. For commercial or residential construction, you won't find a better contractor.
    Tony Johnson, Architect
  • Dr. Amy Adas
    NOR Contractors were able to transform my property into a home that I and my family will truly enjoy for a lifetime. This was an enjoyable experience I shared with a very unique builder.
    Dr. Amy Adas

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