Dufferin Iron & Railings in North York

The scope of work included framing of walls for a washroom, change room, shower, and kitchen back wall. The team also supplied and installed drywall for all walls and ceilings for the washroom, change room, shower, and kitchen back wall. Additionally, one door, door jambs, MDF casings, and baseboards were supplied and installed, as well as door hinges and handles. The walls were then taped, mudded, and sanded. The project also included the installation of lockers including the base and baseboards and the installation of kitchen appliances. For the shower and sauna area, the team framed a shower bench, waterproofed the shower walls, floor and bench, installed a den shield for the shower and bench, and supplied a tankless water heater, quartz shower jamb and shower bench, and other required materials. They also installed towel hangers and toilets.In terms of tile work, new tiles were installed for the bathroom floor, new tile baseboards were installed throughout, and tiles were installed on walls around toilets and for the shower walls, ceiling, floor and bench (the tiles were supplied by the client). They also provided heated flooring throughout including electrical work as well as supply and installation of heating floor mats. The project also included electrical and plumbing work.


“MINT ROOMS” Studios

The elegant and sophisticated rooms you see today offered by Mint Rooms Studios were made possible by demolishing, removing, and disposing of all old materials. Refining and polishing new floors, modernizing new baseboards, painting the whole studio to match the tone of your event, custom wall panels for that personal touch of style, and lighting fixtures perfect to capture the moment on camera. Plumbing and electrical work were included as well.



The Podium Beauty Salon and Spa wasn’t always so beautiful! The team at NOR Contractors demolished, removed, and disposed of all old materials before painting the whole studio in a lavender color that breathes relaxation and tranquility. The marble flooring, the clean baseboards, the soft soothing light fixtures, and the custom wall murals to match the theme was made possible by professional design work to create the full experience. The plumbing and electrical work vital for any beauty salon were newly installed too.



The Lima Cakes Bakery that you know and love was made possible with a full renovation. The demolition, removal, and disposal of all old materials begin the remodeling process. Next, we installed new floors and baseboards, and painted the whole bakery. A totally customizable experience with custom wall panels, kitchen cabinets, an island, and custom millwork walls. We include all new plumbing, electrical work, and lighting fixtures that will shine bright on all your favorite pastries and cakes.


“TIA BHUVA” Studio

The fashion icon Tia Bhuva is home to her redesigned studio. The space was demolished, removed, and disposed of all old materials. The artist then got to choose new floors, baseboards, custom wall panels, and the soothing paint colours you see today. Behind the scenes, new plumbing and electrical work were also included in this renovation project.


“LE BEAU” Croissanterie

This retaIl space was transformed into a beautiful bakery! We painted the walls a neutral cream tone for their pleasant nature, redid the floors to match the aesthetic, and included full electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services.

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