Bradford Kitchen Makeover

Cook, eat, enjoy with friends and family in a kitchen makeover just like this one in Kitchener. We demolish floors, and old materials. New centerpiece chandler or pot lights to illuminate the new hardwood floor or lights above th stove, all new lighting fixtures. New electrical included. Appliances and sinks with plumbing included. Painting on baseboards, backsplashes, casings, trims, windows too.


Kitchen Renovation in Aurora

This elegant, freshed look couldnt be made possible without NOR Contractors. Demolihsing old floors, ceilings, and old materials. Starting new, you just like this Aurora owned family, choose the floors, ceilings, walls. The backsplash, lighting. Plumbing and electrical included. Paining for customizable options.


Kitchen Renovation in Oshawa

Check out our most recent Oshawa kitchen renovation project. In this project, we did the demolition of old tile floors in the kitchen area, painting of the entire house walls, ceilings, doors, casings, and trims, replacement and painting of baseboards, kitchen resurfacing (no plumbing work was included), installation of a new backsplash and tile floors, installation of extra pot lights and lighting fixtures.


Modern Kitchen in Maple

The kitchen is one of the most shared spaces in the home. It can get very old very quickly. Modernize your kitchen like this one here in Maple. Demolished all floors, with hardwood or tiles. Matching cabinets and extra storage space. Installation of light fixtures such as pot lights and switches. Electrical included along with plumbing.


Kitchen Remodelling in Vaughan

Get cookin in a kitchen as new and fresh as this here in Vaughan. Demolishing floors and old materials. Standard custom kitchen includes new floors, tiles, ceilings, cabinets, appliances, countertops, backsplash. Plumbing for sinks and dishwasher and electrical for stove, lighting, oven are included.

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