Full House


Bradford Full House Renovation

Such a stunning full house transformation! The first step to any full renovation project is the demolition of floors and all old materials. We build walls and frame-in common amenities such as a new laundry, bathroom, and/or bar. Specifically in this renovation, is a fully new, 3-piece bathroom, accompanied by customizations in laundry cabinets, the kitchen, and the bar. The hardwood flooring is newly installed and if the paint looks freshly coated it’s because it is!


Full House Reno in Oshawa

This gorgeous full-house makeover in Oshawa far exceeded our clients’ expectations. This project included the demolition of old tile floors in the kitchen area, demolition of carpets in all 3 bedrooms, painting of the entire house walls, ceilings, doors, casings, and trims, replacement, and painting of baseboards, kitchen resurfacing, installation of a new backsplash and tile floors, installation of extra pot lights and lighting fixtures and installation of new vinyl floors in all three bedrooms. The result is a completely transformed house with an elegant, modern, and clean look.


Toronto Full House Renovation

We started this full house renovation by demolishing the old floors through the house and would install plywood repair when required. New hardwood floors are installed fully. See more to view the new kitchen, new bathroom, powder room, master bedroom and closet. All walls, ceilings, doors, trims, casing, and baseboards were painted throughout the house. When we say, “full house renovation” we mean the full house!


Living Space Remodel in Richmond Hill

Transform your living space like the one highlighted here in a Richmond Hill home. The kitchen, living room, and dining room were remodeled in a modern, clean looking space. New floors, ceilings, cabinets, baseboards, trims, casings. We paint throughout the house as well for an aesthetic touch. Fresh running water and warm lighting is possible with full electrical and plumbing installation included.


Etobicoke Dining Room Makeover

Dine right like this family in Etobicoke who had a dining room makeover. With new hardwood floors to match the table and light fixtures and switches to brighten the room. Painting of casing, trims, baseboard and tapping, mudding and sanding down of all walls and ceilings. Installation of custom wall panels. modernize, heighten the elegance, reimagined space.


East York Full House Renovation

This amazing renovation project was made possible by first starting demolition of all floors on the 1st and 2nd floors, the staircase and basement floor too. Add some colour and paint all walls, doors, casings, and trims throughout the house. Hold on tight to the installation of railings and pickets and polished staircase with staining. Shine light on your new area with installation of potlights, switches, and additional plugs. Walk freely on your new hardwood floors, installed by us. Alongside electrical is all new plumbing for bathroom, basement, and powder room.

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