Bathroom Renovation in East York

Bathrooms are typically not given much thought when it comes to home improvement. Our team at NOR Contractors gives homeowners the options and variety to customize this space, making bathroom renovations a worthwhile investment. Are you interested in installing just a shower, or just a bathtub? Or maybe both? Maybe a shower and a freestanding bathtub. Our diverse portfolio includes 3-piece and 4-piece renovations. We also provide a safe and mess-free demolition service, where we tear it down before we build it back up better than ever!


Bathroom Remodel in Toronto

Relax and unwind in your new bathtub, freshen up with new sinks, and admire your beauty with new mirrors. The bathroom remodel you see in Toronto can be yours with NOR Contractors on the scene! We demolish, remove, and dispose of old materials. If so desired, new flooring, walls and ceilings are available to redo. We paint throughout the room to achieve that contemporary, clean feeling. Most importantly, you won’t be without lights and water thanks to full plumbing and electrical services installed.


Bathroom Renovation in Bradford

The first step to any full renovation project is the demolition of floors and all old materials. We build walls and frame-in common amenities such as a new laundry and bathroom. Specifically in this basement renovation, is a fully new, 3-piece bathroom, accompanied by customizations in laundry cabinets.


Custom Bathroom North York

Refresh with a new shower or apply makeup in a new vanity mirror. Wash your hands in the new sink, dry off with the convenient hand towels and store your toiletry in the extra storage space. Just like the bathroom completed here in North York, your custom designs are waiting to happen. We will demolish your existing space to start anew, and personalize your preferences with new tiles, flooring, fixtures, and paint. All electrical and plumbing included as well!

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