Modern Basement Renovation in Vaughan

Sitting in your basement in your home loathed in Vaughan. Looking around to modernize the space. You can enjoy the upgraded space you see here by completely overhauling your current space. We demolish your old basement, this including floors and walls where required. With a fresh start, we can build a new bathroom, laundry room and bar with supply and installation of all finishes. Wash your hands, take a bath, and clean your clothes with plumbing connections for the powder room, bathroom, and laundry room. Installation of new floors and new stairs. Keep warm with a fireplace remodel and the installation of tiles for the visual aesthetic. Topped off with painting of the baseboards, casings, doors, and whole house at that!


Fort Erie Basement Renovation

Showcased by the custom paneled wall, comes new framing, drywall, baseboards, casing doors, and vinyl floors. Just one example of the full renovation services we offer, remodeling an unfinished basement into the basement of your dreams! With a customizable layout that allows homeowners to plan, design, and create the basement they’ve always wanted. Whether it is a new bathroom, sauna, fireplace, staircase addition, or precise painting work done, we have the skills and expertise as a one-stop renovation company for your residential makeover.


Bradford Basement Renovation

You can have a basement renovation just like the one shown here in Bradford! The first step to any full renovation project is the demolition of floors and all old materials. We build walls and frame-in common amenities such as a new laundry and bathroom. Specifically in this renovation, is a fully new 3-piece bathroom, accompanied by customizations in laundry cabinets. The hardwood flooring is newly installed and if the paint looks freshly coated it’s because it is! Stop staring at your chipped tiles or your molded ceiling, from top to bottom your basement transformation awaits.

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