Salon Renovation Toronto

Nothing makes a customer feel welcome – and keeps them coming back – like an attractive and expertly designed salon. When it comes to Toronto salon renovations, nobody does it better than NOR Contractors. We offer expert and functional salon renovations with over a decade of industry experience. Whether it’s minor renovations or full on remodels, our team of highly skilled contractors can handle jobs of all shapes and sizes to truly set your salon up for years of success.

Benefits Of Salon Renovation

A beauty salon renovation can offer significant benefits to the business. Revamping the design and layout of the space can not only improve functionality, but potentially allow space for additional equipment and clientele. A more welcoming and inviting space for clients can do a number when it comes to increasing your return on investment.


Beauty Salon Renovation Solutions

NOR Contractors work with our clients to create expertly designed and functional hair and nail salon renovations. We offer free consultations to first determine your needs and goals and will work with you every step of the way to create your dream salon space.

Whether it’s a renovation salon plan to improve functionality in waiting areas; increase efficiency at the reception desk; or workflow and organizational optimization – we’re here to help.

Our Salon Renovation Process

Planning – the key to any successful salon renovation is proper preparation. This starts with a site assessment. During this process, walk your retail space and determine which aspects of the renovation are most important to you.

Our renovation process begins with a free consultation where we conduct preliminary planning, and determine your goals and vision.

Design – next, our dedicated team of design professionals will work with you to better understand your needs and overall vision for the renovation, along with the budget for the project. During this consultation process, our team will discuss everything aspect of the renovation – from the overall size of the salon; the desired layout; functionality goals; along with material and fixture preference; and even colour schemes are determined.

Finally, we will provide you with cost estimates for the work. To give you an idea, commercial renovations typically range from $175 to $250 per square foot.

Construction – we provide our clients with formal proposals, along with drawings and renderings of the project. Our professional contractors perform highly precise and accurate work in order to ensure every last square inch and detail is correct and proper.

Once all details are in place and materials are decided, we will order the product and schedule the project.

How We Help

NOR Contractors strive to surpass our client’s expectations each and every time. Our team of design professionals and expert contractors are passionate and work with you every step of the process to keep you up to speed and ensure your vision, and the project timeline is met.

Ready To Start Your Beauty Salon Renovation In Toronto?

When it comes to salon renovations in Toronto and across the GTA, you can expect NOR Contractors to get the job done down to every last desired detail and within budget. From minor remodels to full-scale renovations, we can do it all. Call us today to get started.


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