Commercial Renovation Milton

Whether you need a commercial renovation or interior renovation contractors, our team of experts at NOR Contractors are ready to handle any project, no matter how simple or complex. Punctuality, top-tier quality, and dependability are just a few things that we are known for.

With over 10 years of renovation contracting experience, we oversee each project to perfection and ensure that the result is completed promptly while also staying within budget. Serving Toronto and the GTA, we are excited to announce that our services are now also available to Milton residents and companies.

Top Commercial Renovators in Milton

When it comes to commercial renovation in Milton, we are your best choice. Some of the latest projects we have worked on include retail, offices as well as mint room studios.

Due to our decade of experience, we have been able to focus on, develop, and fine-tune our skills while building our team of experienced professionals. This means we are equipped to handle any project, no matter the situation.

Our Commercial Renovation Process

Step 1: The Consultation

We can’t start a project without knowing your unique situation and vision. Our team will take the time to sit down with you and listen to every detail of what you hope to come out of the process and how you want to renovate your space. No matter your budget or timeline, we will find the optimal solution for you.

Step 2: Designing and Developing

After we have discussed your vision with you and we have agreed upon a project deliverable, we will visit your commercial space. Here, we will inspect the space and review our plans to see if any new features can be added and how we can build on the ones we have already approved. Then, you’ll be able to review a detailed blueprint and a 3D design mock-up that we create with our state-of-the-art technology. This way, we can make adjustments in real time and you can see firsthand effects they will have.

Step 3: Evaluating the Cost

We want to ensure that you’re satisfied with the blueprint and design details. Once this is complete, we will move forward by talking about the cost. Every step of the construction process is included in the pricing, but you get to customize each step as well, so that the project timeline can suit your budget. Of course, we do this in a way where the design stays intact and of highest quality. 

Step 4: Construction 

We’ve done the planning. We’ve got a design strategy in place. We’ve confirmed the budget. The next step is getting to work and starting the renovation. While our team is exceptionally professional, a team of dedicated project managers oversees every client and their space. The project manager will be your point of contact during the construction process. Remember that 3D design we discussed? The look is updated in alignment with the project, so you can witness the development as it is happening and voice your approval or concerns. Even then, we can make any adjustments you request as your space is being worked on.

Step 5: The Walk Through 

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for — you finally get to see your renovated space in person! When you walk in, the entire space will be captivating. Even though we’ve cleaned it up, you can still request changes as needed. Now, it’s time to enjoy the space you’ve always dreamed of!

Services We Offer

Whether it’s an office renovation or a restaurant renovation, we do it all. In particular, we specialize in:

  • Office renovations
  • Retail renovations
  • High rise and multi-unit renovations
  • Custom home builds
  • Full house renovations
  • Kitchen renovations 
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Basement renovations
  • Garden suites

What Makes Us Different

We couldn’t do what we do without you. You and your project matter to us. No matter what we work on, we will treat your space like our own. To top it off, we have exceptional craftsmanship, we are WSIB insured, and we have a workmanship 1-year warranty.

Using high-quality materials and carrying on a renovation legacy, we are the number one choice for commercial or residential renovation contractors in the Milton area.